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There is NO FEE unless we get your taxes lowered!
Our typical client saves an average more than $1,200 off their annual property tax bill.

Your 2022-2023 School and 2023 County tax bills have likely shown up in your mailbox, and you may have already paid one or both. While these tax bills should be based on the actual market value of your home, often times they are not and simply reflect what your local government thinks your home is worth.

Based on the confusing, one-size-fits-all process your local government uses to calculate your property tax bills, the value of your home may get tied to the most expensive properties in your area.  This could be costing you thousands in property taxes you don't actually owe.

But shouldn't your tax bills be based on a correct property valuation, so you are not overpaying?

YES - they should be. Let our team of property tax experts establish the ACTUAL fair market value of your home and ensure you aren't paying one cent more in property taxes than you truly owe. We will manage your grievance from beginning to end at zero cost to you unless we prevail in lowering your tax assessment.


Over 97% of the homeowners we represent see reduced tax bills.

We have almost 50 years of experience handling property tax grievances.

You owe zero in fees unless we win for you.

We don't charge any up-front expenses.

We handle all the property reviews, paper filing, and local government communication for you.

You don't have to do anything but give us written permission to fight for a lower assessment on your behalf.

We are a locally owned and operated professional service organization.

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