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1.) Determine your assessed value. 



2.) Determine if Town records match your property description accurately. 

          ex.: Does Town have correct square footage and the number of bathrooms? 



3.) Is the property owner-occupied? - If not, it may not qualify for small claims assessment review.



4.) Did you purchase the property within the past 36 months? - If so, how does the purchase price compare to your assessed value?



5.) Research and compare recent market sales to the ‘subject’ to determine if the subject is over-assessed based on those comparable sales.



6.) Determine if the comparable sales you are using are 'arms-length' sales.



7.) Have your property appraised by a licensed, professional appraiser.



8.) Prepare Board of Assessment Review (BAR) complaint form and ‘packet’.



9.) File packet with the Town and serve copies upon the appropriate parties.



10.) Attend BAR review Hearing if necessary and present case orally to the Panel/Board.



11.) Receive and review Board Decision.



12.) File Appeal in Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) if not satisfied with Decision.



13.) Attend SCAR hearing and present your case orally to the Small Claims Hearing Officer.



14.) Review Final Decision from SCAR hearing officer.


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